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東北大学附属図書館 狩野文庫画像データベース
Image database of the Kano Collection, Tohoku University Library

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狩野文庫は、明治の思想家・教育者として有名な狩野亨吉(かのう こうきち 1865-1942)の108,000点に及ぶ旧蔵書で、哲学をはじめ美術、兵学などあらゆる分野に及ぶ「古典の百科、江戸学の宝庫」として世界的にも知られた資料群です。



About the collection and the database:

The Kano Collection is the library formed by Kokichi KANO (pronounced "kohkichi kanoh" 1865-1942), a famous philosopher and educator of the Meiji era.
The collection consists of about 108,000 items of classical books, scrolls, documents and art objects on all subjects including philosophy, fine arts and military science, and is known world-wide as an encyclopedic treasure-house of enormous value for research of the Edo period.

This database consists of about 16,700 images from about 1,180 illustrated items (color prints, maps, etc.) among the microfilmed version of classical Japanese books and documents in the Kano collection.

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